The key elements in the technology of 2G HTS wires manufacturing at SuperOx Japan LLC rely on the Electropolished 60 mkm Hastelloy substrate, Magnetron MgO-IBAD texturing process, PLD deposition of the GdBaCuO superconductor.


Currently SuperOx Japan is capable of producing 2G HTS taped of up to 600 m length with the critical current of 500A. The mass production of the commercial quality 2G HTS tapes is aimed at 250-300m length and Ic = 400A for 12 mm tape. The manufactured superconducting tapes have excellent homogeneity of the critical current Ic along the tape length.

image_2 image_3

The architecture of the superconducting wires developed by SuperOx Japan is shown in the following figure. The combination of magnetron and PLD methods is very flexible for efficient production.


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