SuperOx Russia project receives National status in energy sector

SuperOx Russia project receives National status in energy sector


Due to the results of the meeting on selecting the modern and innovative projects in energy sector conducted by the Russian Ministry of Energy, SuperOx Russia project on implementing the HTS FCLs (Fault Current limiter) received a National status.

First Deputy Minister of Energy Alexey Texler emphasized that the innovative development of the fuel and energy sector is the basis of solving the strategic tasks and a key element in maintaining the leading position in traditional for Russia markets.

During the meeting, seven out of twenty projects received this status. SuperOx project is called “Development and implementation of superconducting technologies into the Russian fuel and energy sector”. A state company Rosatom also participated in this meeting.

The implementation of projects with the use of superconducting technologies will ensure the transition to new power supply methods, which will cause a multiplicative effect for the development of other industries.

SuperOx Russia CJSC plans to adopt three pilot projects on the implementation of the first superconducting FCLs by 2020. The first FCL 220 kV will start its operation at the Moscow electric substation “Mnevniki” in the fourth quarter of 2018. The company carries out this project with the support of the Industrial Development Fund, commissioned by United Energy Company. It will be the first HTS FCL implemented into the Russian energy system and the most powerful FCL in the world.

The new current limiting technology will reduce the load on the network caused by short circuits, and as a result, it will reduce the rate of emergency apperance.

In 2017, SuperOx Russia project on implementing FCLs in Moscow was presented to the Minister of Energy Alexander Novak and the Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. The guests of the meeting expressed high appreciation for this technology.

Sergey Sobyanin emphasized “We are talking about superconductors that allow us to ensure the reliability of our power systems.”

In order to get more detailed information about the superconducting technology or about the operation of FCL please visit the official website: http://ВТСПТОУ.РФ (Russian)

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